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Our  Latest Release

- August 2020 -

Your Feelings Matter

A Story for Children Who Have

Witnessed Domestic Violence



Your Feelings Matter

Your Feelings Matter! reassures young children that what they are feeling about domestic violence is okay AND important. This book offers a guided questions page to elicit discussion and assess a child's perspective on domestic violence.  Your Feelings Matter! is equipped with therapeutic activities to assist with identification of physical sensations and teach relaxation skills.

Your Feelings Matter!

  • Normalizes emotional responses to domestic violence

  • Teaches the connection between the mind  and body

  • Empowers child by teaching skills to overcome feelings about domestic violence

  • Elicits healthy conversation regarding domestic violence and safety

When children are able to talk with caring adults about their feelings regarding domestic violence, it will decrease negative symptoms both short and long-term (including acting out behaviors...etc).


This book is a great therapeutic tool! I will be using this with my young clients. The attention to detail and outlined interventions are wonderful and easy to execute. I also appreciate the guiding questions located at the end. The authors really nailed it!

Stephanie Washington, LCMHC

I just received my copy in the mail the other day and couldn’t wait to immediately read through it. I absolutely loved the simplistic, kid-friendly language and the colorful illustrations. I especially loved the hands-on activities and guidance for clinicians to use in session. As a practitioner, this is definitely a must add to my toolbox. It provides a safe way to begin talking to my clients who have been affected by domestic violence and gives them a voice. I highly recommend this book!

Rachelle McKoy, MA, LCMHC

After a traumatic event, children often have several feelings that they don’t know what to do with or how to express. In the book, Your Feelings Matter, children are given words to help them express those feelings and be able to share them with a trusting adult. This is vital to help children heal! I am so happy this book is here to help children not only do that but also help them learn ways to manage those feelings and open up that conversation with their adult. This is also helpful for the adult in their life that might be going through their trauma reaction and unsure of the words to help them talk about domestic violence with their child.

Johanna Covault, LCSW

What a wonderful book! Being in the helping profession, you are always looking for new and creative interventions and this book is definitely that! Having worked with many children who have experienced Domestic Violence, I have seen the impact first hand. This book is definitely a tool that I will incorporate into my work with children. 

Chiquita Patterson, LCMHC

Riley is a little Hippo who loves his life with his mom and her boyfriend. Everything in his life is happy until he witnesses his mom's boyfriend physically abuse her. Riley is filled with confusion and emotions but with the help of his school social worker, Mrs. Brown, he learns how to understand and deal with what he is feeling. This book is filled with very well thought out techniques that teach children how to handle "weird" feelings when things are not right. Caregivers, counselors and social workers will appreciate the pages that contain tips on the various techniques used in this book. This book is an excellent resource to help children cope with their feelings after witnessing domestic abuse.


Kendra Lipscomb, School Librarian

I had an opportunity to listen to an amazing story written by two wonderful authors, Tiffany and Amber . “Your Feelings Matter” captures the essence of what a child may experience in an abusive home. It gives tools and resources for a child to go to for answers and understanding. I recommend this children’s book to anyone who may know a child or have children who witnessed  abuse in their homes. Being a child of domestic abuse, as well as an adult who experienced abuse, “Your Feelings Matter” would give a child comfort in such a traumatic time. Wonderful book by two great authors. 

Our children are our most vulnerable population. Writers, Amber Holmes and Tiffany Sanders, expressed in this book what many children in domestic violence situations feel. This story is interactive with give it a try activities and guiding questions in the back of the book. These activities are useful and practical to use with children with a trusted adult. As a practitioner with more than 20 years of experience, I would highly recommend this book for practitioners who work with children and families who are overcoming situations of domestic violence.

Dr. Ramseur Wade, School Psychologist

As one that has had to personally manage and explain the ups and downs of loss and trauma to children, I can attest to the struggle associated from being emotionally engaged as your heart melts with the sadness that pours over the faces and hearts of the young child that you have to explain why bad things happen to good people.  The book, “Your Feelings Matter”, provides a clear concept of not only addressing feelings young children may be experiencing when it comes to issues of the heart, but also provides a platform for one to understand how to identify issues that are not easily verbalized. I highly recommend this book for those that not only have children or work as childcare providers, but those interested in strategies to more effectively explore personal emotions and all the associated behaviors worth addressing. 

Dr. Bobby Kato, MD, DHSc, PhD, LPC

"...During my youth, I witnessed domestic violence in the home. If this resource would have been available then, I’m sure things would have been different. The book is wonderful. It is not only a great resource for children but also a great resource for adults...."

Tonise Gardner, Author/ Motivational Speaker/Image/Stylist/Coach

Vonice Brown, Secretary, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc.  | Omircon Iota Zeta, Wilson, NC

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